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  • PvP (or being ganked while PvEing) in wspace
  • WHC fleet
  • AAR written
  • Killmail commented on

Eligible Ships

  • T2 logi: full lossmail cost (including T2 modules and cheap faction hardeners)
  • Heavy assault cruisers: hull cost
  • Recon ships: hull cost
  • Strategic (T3) cruisers: hull + subsystem cost
  • Heavy interdictors: full lossmail cost (including T2 modules)
  • Interdictor: full lossmail cost (including T2 modules)

Note: for any hull which is reimbursable through the standard university SRP the amount the University itself will be subtracted from the above figures.

Applying for Reimbursement

Insert Google Doc form here

WHC staff reserve the right to not payout any lossmail they deem to be reckless.