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You're done !'''
You're done !

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Updating an EVE University API key

What is the EVE Uni API key

The University requires every one of its members, may it be students, staff or faculty, to provide an API key. What in the name of Bob is an API key, will you ask ? Well, it is a tool CCP devised in order to allow 3rd party tools (such as EVEmon, EFT, Pyfa, Fleet-up, to name a few) to pull information from your account without being able to take any actions in your stead - in short, it allows you to give a very controlled monitoring right to a third party. Most corporations of significance in EVE will require you to provide such a key, in order to do background checks and, in general, maintain the security of their assets. EVE University follows that norm, and you can be assured that nobody will be able to check out everything you have and do : it is a simple measure of security, and staff only sees the relevant information for their job (mostly : is your API key working at all !)

Step one : Go to the University's Tools

The Tools is the university's main third party database and administrative tool. This is where a prospective student can apply to the Uni, and where current members can request their advancement Titles. As it turns out, it's also where you can update your API key ! First, you will have to log in using the SSO, then go to the 'Update API' tab : Tools-homepage-updateAPI.png

Step two : Create an API key following the proper mask

In order to create your API key, you will have to go to the official CCP website using this link (also right on the tools' page)

Don't forget to tick the "No expiry" check box such as the API key doesn't stop working after a year (by default). This will make sure you do not have to go through this process again, unless there is a change in our required API mask (the information the API key gives access to). API-no-expiry-checkbox.png

Now it's just a matter of validating the creation of the API key.

Step three : update your Tools account with the proper API information

Once this is done, your last step is to enter the correct two chains of characters securing your new API key into the tools, and validating the modification. API-key-informations.png

You're done !