Warp races

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Warp races is a variant of the Scan the can event. Some of the content on this wiki page is from Damien Maken's post in the Corporation Events forum.


  • All participants start in the same system and scan down an object with an anchored can nearby.
  • The can is password-protected; the event host provides participants with hints in the form of riddles or trivia.
  • When the players have figured the password out and unlocked the can, they'll find bookmarks to another can. This part of the event was from before bookmarks as items were removed from the game.
  • Players take one bookmark each, travel to the next can and figure that one's password out to loot another bookmark.
  • Prizes are awarded to the first player/top three players to reach the final can.

Notes for the host

  • Containers can only be anchored in systems with 0.7 or lower security.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive.