Aakeo Oshaima

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Aakeo Oshaima is a level 2 agent in Gallente COSMOS. They are located in Coelle at the Survey Station.

Major hint: As many of the missions in this chain of agents revolve around Azure chasm, it would save alot of time to check all agents and get all items ahead of time so you only have go there once.

The Azure Canyon (1 of 4)

ObjectiveTransport 3 x Crates of Construction Blocks (210.0 m³)
Rewards200,000 ISK + bonus 200,000 ISK
Mission briefing
As I've already told you we have some problems with our transportation service. We're using some of our own freighters now to transport goods from Caldari space, but we're short on manpower. If you could stop by Balle VII - Moon 17 - Center for Advanced Studies School and bring the 50 construction blocks I had ordered to me, then I'll give you a reward. We need them for the next habitation module we're building for the workers stationed here.

Retrieve the items from Balle VII - Moon 17 - Center for Advanced Studies School and return to the agent.

The Azure Canyon (2 of 4)

ObjectiveTransport 18 x Caldari Surveyor (54.0 m³)
Rewards400,000 ISK + bonus 100,000 ISK (4 hours)
Mission briefing
I have something slightly more dangerous for you this time, <pilot>. We have 18 surveyors stranded on Tendhyes VIII - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory after Prompt Delivery backed out on our deal to get them moved here a few days ago. Apparently they decided the risks of transporting them through Gallente space were too great. The Federation Navy has threatened to attack any corporations under the Caldari State other than Wiyrkomi, and even with our surveyors on board we fear they might hold true to their word.

If you can get the surveyors here today, I'll give you a hefty reward. Just watch out for those FON fanatics, they're everywhere these days.

Retrieve the items from Tendhyes VIII - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory and return to the agent.

The Azure Canyon (3 of 4)

ObjectiveDestroy FON ships
Rewards1x 'Executive' Remote Sensor Dampener BPC (3 run) + bonus 500,000 ISK (4 hours)
Mission briefing
I have a matter of urgency for you this time, <pilot>. Temko, the Gallentean mercenary organization that we hired, reported to us that one of its surveillance posts in Colelie has been attacked. All of their personnel are currently unavailable, so they pleaded with us to find someone else to investigate the attack. And I think you are the man for the job.

It's been a while since the attack was reported, so we have absolutely no idea what the situation is out there. Hopefully you will be able to track down whoever is responsible and punish them. Good luck.

The mission pocket will be in the same system.

The Azure Canyon Combat Mission.png

The Azure Canyon (4 of 4)

ObjectiveRetrieve 1x Azure Canyon Tourist Pass
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
RewardsWiyrkomi Voucher + time bonus 'Monopoly' Magnetic Field Stabilizer BPC (3 runs, ME 10, TE 4)
Mission briefing
This time I'd like you to obtain a pass into the Azure Canyon in Colelie. The Azure Canyon is located in a pocket of deadspace which has unusually dense ion clouds, which makes it ideal for creating a massive power plant. The reason we are in Colelie is to start constructing the power station, but so far we've been stuck at square 1 due to our inability to clear the area of Serpentis pirates and FON terrorists.

To get to the point, we're sending in a few squadrons of Temko mercenaries to conduct a quick reconnaissance operation in the Azure Canyon area. But we haven't been able to get past the first acceleration gate since Serpentis agents reconfigured the lock, and it would take far too long to manually navigate through the deadspace pocket. Hence we need the keycard.

You'll find a group of FON ships blockading the gate against anyone affiliated with Wiyrkomi. We believe their leader has the keycard we need in her possession. Her name is Apte Donie, and she should be located at the forward point into the complex. Use whatever means necessary to acquire that keycard, <pilot>.

You can get the pass by killing rats on the entrance to Contested Gallente Azure Canyon.

You can now head to Fluekele and do missions for Veko Tallaja.