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Adrestia is an engineering complex anchored in the EVE University headquarter system of Slays. It is available for use by all EVE University and Ivy League members, and also the general public. In addition to all default facilities offered by an engineering complex (insurance, bounty office, fittings, repairs, character customization, and hangar space), it also offers industrial services.


Industrial services available

  • Reprocessing Facility I + Materials Reclamation II
This provides reprocessing and compression services at 54% yield for hisec ores and standard (50%) yield for all other ores and ice.
  • Research Lab I + ME Research Accelerator I + Blueprint Copy Accelerator I
This provides blueprint research services with a -20% time reduction bonus for materials efficiency research, -20% time reduction for blueprint copying, and standard speed and rates otherwise.
  • Manufacturing Plant I
This provides manufacturing services.

Additional bonuses

By default, this engineering complex (Raitaru) also has the following bonuses:

  • 1% reduction in manufacturing job costs
  • 15% reduction in manufacturing and science job required time
  • 3% reduction in manufacturing and science job required ISK cost}}


Taxes (industry, market, and reprocessing) are set to 0.1% (lowest non-zero rate allowed) for EVE University and Ivy League members, and 1% for the general public.


Adrestia is at an "insta-undock" line, or very close to it, in relation to our headquarters station (Center for Advanced Studies), and our headquarters is in an "insta-undock" line right back to Adrestia as well. Docking and tethering is allowed by the general public which of course includes all E-UNI members, and is restricted only to those organizations whom are -10 (red) to us.

Operated by the Logistics Directorate

If you have any questions, comments or issues regarding the engineering complex or any of its services, contact the Logistics Directorate.

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