Ampsin Achippon

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Ampsin Achippon is a Gallente COSMOS agent located at at Contested Gallente Azure Canyon in Colelie system in Algintal constellation. He is an level 4 agent but loking at his info does not specify what standing is required to take his mission. This agent offers only one mission.

Maschteri Markan

ObjectiveRetrieve 1x Maschteri Markan's Insignia
RewardsFederation Navy faction module + 7.5% Gallente faction standing gain + 21% Combine Harvest corp standing + Time bonus: one +3% hardwiring implant
ExtraMission item can be bought
Mission briefing
You don't know what FON stands for?! Friends of Nature of course! We ... errr they stand for everything that's good about the Federation. Originating from a group battling to save rare animal species from extinction, it has grown somewhat after space travel became more common. Now it also fights for the preservation of the natural phenomena which decorate our night sky.

Now you said you were looking for some work. As a matter of fact there is something that you could do for me which would really make my day. Temko are evil corporate peons who care nothing for our heritage, the Azure Canyon. They work for a no-good money-grubbing Caldari corporation which intends to destroy our natural reserves for its own gain. It so happens that one of Temko's commanders, Maschteri Markan, had the audacity to try and blackmail us when we sabotaged one of Wiyrkomi's construction sites, where they were building a survey station. He recorded the event and threatened to release it to The Scope and the Federation authorities if we wouldn't give in to his demands.

Find these records and bring them to me, or somehow convince him to hand them over himself, and I will reward you generously.

I suggest you refrain from accepting this mission if you have no idea how hard finding Maschteri is. Otherwise you might be in for a rude awakening.

Mission completed: I didn't tell you to kill him! I'm ready to die for my beliefs, but I won't take part in cold-blooded murder! I guess I owe you your reward, but this is the last time I'll do business with you, <Character>. You're a bad, bad man.

Your mission is to retrieve Maschteri Markan's Insignia. This item is dropped by Maschteri Markan who is located at Colelie Planet VI - Moon 3 in a scannable cosmic signature called "Temko Surveillance Outpost". But to make things hard he respawns only every 5-6 hours. If the insignia is available on contracts it is most likely a good idea to just buy it.

Maschteri has extremely high Kinetic resists (80%), so avoid dealing Kinetic damage if you want to complete the mission as quick as possible. He has much lower Thermal resists (50%) which should be the damage used to destroy him.

Usual defenders

Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Wiyrkomi Envoy Passive until attacked
Maschteri spawn

Frigate 5 x Frigate Temko Interceptor Have a passive frigate icon, but are hostile Stasis Webifier
Battleship 1 x Battleship Maschteri Markan Strong passive shield tank Maschteri Markan's Insignia