Astroo Opeau

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Astroo Opeau is an agent in Gallente COSMOS located in Arid Park in Alsottobier. He is a level 3 agent so most likely requires 3.00 standings but the info screen does not show standing requirement.

Astroo offers three fast courier missions. The last one requires 200 m3 cargo space so pick your ship with that in mind. Any T1 explorer frigate will easily carry the cargo and they are faster than dedicated hauler ships.

The Power of Information (1 of 3)

ObjectiveRetrieve 1x FON-Wiyrkomi Data Chip (0.1 m3)
Rewards40,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
I have just the thing you want.

My name's Astroo Opeau, and I'm FON's propaganda honcho. I could have some hoity-toity title, sure, but I like to keep things down-to-earth and formalities just get in the way.

I have a few things I could use a big strapping capsuleer like you for, if you're interested. Tidbits of information are in constant swirl around this constellation, like electrons in an atom, and we need to cast as many nets as far and wide as possible if we want to stand a chance against the corporate behemoth of Wiyrkomi.

One of my eyes in the Audaerne system just got a recording of one of Wiyrkomi's brass indulging in some, shall we say, languorous activities in a pleasure resort not far from here. Head over to the Modern Finances Investment Bank in Audaerne and pick up the tape for me, and we'll see what we can do with it.

Fly to the puckup staion one jump away and then bring the item back to the agent.

The Power of Information (2 of 3)

ObjectiveRetrieve 1x Wiyrkomi Scandal Holoreel (0.5 m3)
Rewards18,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
have just the thing you want.

The tape you brought back of the Wiyrkomi scumbag proved ideal for our purposes. We've made a holoreel of the "incident," and we need it copied and distributed to key points in the constellation so we can mount a full-scale broadcast offensive against the bastard.

Take this holoreel over to my distributor in the Fluekele system. We'll see how big a shot the bigshot is after this.

The agent gives you the item. Just fly to the drop-off station and complete the mission.

The Power of Information (3 of 3)

ObjectiveRetrieve 4x Crates of Silicate Glass (200 m3)
Rewards'Boss' Remote Sensor Booster I BPC (3 runs)
Mission briefing
Yes, I have something for you.

Well, our little gambit worked. The bigwig's been driven out of Wiyrkomi and a blow's been struck for the little guy. Thanks so much for your help.

One last favor, if you will. Some of our guys are founding an environmentalist education facility on Deltole III - Moon 1 - Core Complexion Inc. Warehouse and they need some construction materials brought over. You think you could do this for me? I'll pay you well.

The agent gives you the item. Just fly to the drop-off station 3 jumps away and complete the mission. The mission can be completed remotely.