Bakkla Viftuin

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Bakkla Viftuin
Bakkla Viftuin.jpg
Level 4
Location UNJ-GX (0.0)
Great Wildlands
Affiliation Thukker Mix
Thukker Tribe

Bakkla Viftuin - Improving Relations

Improving Relations
Level 4
Type Security
Objective Bring 10 x Imperial Navy General Insignia II (1.0 m³)
Rewards 1 x Memory Augmentation - Improved + 1 x Cybernetic Subprocessor - Basic (Time Bonus)

Drop-off Location UNJ-GX.

Mission briefing
We have a policy here within the Thukker Tribe that our more prominent members use certain implants to boost their mental ability, since it's important that our people in key positions perform at a level above what's considered normal for a human being. It's a competitive world we live in, and sometimes one has to take risks to achieve one's goals, even if it means meddling with the brain.

You may not be a full-fledged member of Thukker Mix, but you've created such a name for yourself that we feel obliged to treat you as one of our own. And considering your record, we feel that our policy pertains to you as well. So I've been authorized to give you this implant in exchange for one simple task. Bring me a few insignias and the reward is yours.