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This is a page to show colortag images for the overview and the wiki codes needed to enter them. If you need to insert color tags into your wiki page, please use the codes shown here.

Also see the "Interface Images" category.

Note that if you want "alt text" (which appears when you hover over the image), then you simply change the text that comes after the pipe (vertical bar) symbol. For instance War Target[[file:war.png|War Target]] vs Red Star[[file:war.png|Red Star]]. If you move your mouse over these icons, you will see that they have different pop-up tips.

Icons are arranged by size. The 18x18 are suitable for slightly larger text, the 9x9 and 12x12 are for regular text.

18x18 pixel tags

(Pulled from Rules of Engagement. Only certain tags were used there so not all tags are available as 18x18 yet.)

  • War Target [[file:war.png|War Target]]
  • Criminally Flagged [[file:criminal.png|Criminally Flagged]]
  • Enemy of the Alliance [[file:minus10.png|Enemy of the Alliance]]
  • Hostile to the Alliance [[file:minus5.png|Hostile to the Alliance]]
  • Neutral [[file:neutral.png|Neutral]]
  • Non Aggression Pact [[file:plus5.png|Non Aggression Pact]]
  • Friend of the Alliance [[file:plus10.png|Friend of the Alliance]]

9x9 pixels tags

The following are 9x9 pixels, but can be scaled to slightly larger / smaller by using the wiki codes.

For example:

  • Red Star [[file:ColorTag-StarRed9.gif|12px|Red Star]]
  • Yellow Skull [[file:ColorTag-SkullYellow9.gif|15px|Yellow Skull]]
  • Fleet Member [[file:ColorTag-FleetMember9.gif|18px|Fleet Member]]

Here are the raw 9x9 color tag images with no scaling:

  • Red Star [[file:ColorTag-StarRed9.gif|Red Star - At war with your corp/alliance]]
  • Orange Star [[file:ColorTag-StarOrange9.gif|Orange Star - At war with your militia]]
  • Fleet Member [[file:ColorTag-FleetMember9.gif|Fleet Member]]
  • Green Star [[file:ColorTag-StarGreen9.gif|Green Star - Member of your corporation]]
  • Blue Star [[file:ColorTag-StarBlue9.gif|Blue Star - Member of your alliance]]
  • Dark Blue Plus [[file:ColorTag-PlusDarkBlue9.gif|Dark Blue Plus - Excellent standings from your alliance/corp/self]]
  • Light Blue Plus [[file:ColorTag-PlusLightBlue9.gif|Light Blue Plus - Good standings from your alliance/corp/self]]
  • Purple Star [[file:ColorTag-StarPurple9.gif|Purple Star - Member of your militia]]
  • Red Skull [[file:ColorTag-SkullRed9.gif|Red Skull - Pilot is an outlaw]]
  • Red Skull [[file:ColorTag-SkullOrange9.gif|Orange Skull]]
  • Red Minus [[file:ColorTag-MinusRed9.gif|Red Minus - Terrible standings from your alliance/corp/self]]
  • Orange Minus [[file:ColorTag-MinusOrange9.gif|Orange Minus - Bad standings from your alliance/corp/self]]
  • Yellow Skull [[file:ColorTag-SkullYellow9.gif|Yellow Skull - Pilot has a security status below zero]]
  • Black Skull [[file:ColorTag-SkullBlack9.gif|Black Skull - Pilot has a bounty]]
  • Red Skull [[file:ColorTag-SkullRedBlack9.gif|Red Skull - Pilot is a criminal]]
  • Yellow Skull [[file:ColorTag-SkullYellowBlack9.gif|Yellow Skull - Pilot is a suspect]]
  • Turquoise Skull [[file:ColorTag-SkullTurquoise9.gif|Turquoise Skull - Pilot is in limited engagement with you]]
  • Blue Chat Bubble [[file:ColorTag-ChatBlue9.gif|Blue Chat Bubble]]
  • Neutral [[file:ColorTag-Neutral.gif|Neutral Standing]]
  • Purchasable Kill Right [[file:ColorTag-CrosshairOrange9.gif|Purchasable Kill Right]]

The following are 9x9 pixels, but since they have no detail the can easily be scaled up larger with wiki tags. For example: Red Background [[file:ColorTagBG-Red.gif|18px|Red Background]]

  • Black Background [[file:ColorTagBG-Black.gif|Black Background]]
  • Dark Blue Background [[file:ColorTagBG-BlueDark.gif|Dark Blue Background]]
  • Light Blue Background [[file:ColorTagBG-BlueLight.gif|Light Blue Background]]
  • Dark Green Background [[file:ColorTagBG-GreenDark.gif|Dark Green Background]]
  • Grey Background [[file:ColorTagBG-Grey.gif|Grey Background]]
  • Orange Background [[file:ColorTagBG-Orange.gif|Orange Background]]
  • Dark Purple Background [[file:ColorTagBG-PurpleDark.gif|Dark Purple Background]]
  • Light Purple Background [[file:ColorTagBG-PurpleLight.gif|Light Purple Background]]
  • Red Background [[file:ColorTagBG-Red.gif|Red Background]]
  • White Background [[file:ColorTagBG-White.gif|White Background]]
  • Yellow Background [[file:ColorTagBG-Yellow.gif|Yellow Background]]
  • Dark Turquoise Background [[file:ColorTagBG-DarkTurquoise.gif|Dark Turquoise Background]]
  • Turquoise Background [[file:ColorTagBG-Turquoise.gif|Turquoise Background]]