Compression Array

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Starbases are slowly being phased out of the game, to be replaced by Upwell structures.
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About The Compression Array

This structure contains equipment needed to compress various ore and ice materials for easy transportation across the universe.

This array does not have a particular restriction on security level and may be anchored in Empire sovereign space.

Skills Needed

Anchoring Level 1


Capacity: 20,000,000.00 m3

Volume: 6,000 m3

Shield Capacity: 20,000 HP

Structure Hitpoints: 10,000 HP

Unanchoring Delay: 5.00 s

Onlining Delay: 3.00 s

Signature Radius: 2000 m

Anchoring Delay: 5.00 s

Restricted to Security Level Of At Most: 1

Armor Hitpoints: 20,000 HP

Maximum Operation Distance: 3000 m

Shield Recharge Time: 400.00 s

Sensor Strenght:

  • Radar Sensor Strength: 200 points
  • Magnetometric Sensor Strength: 200 points
  • Gravimetric Sensor Strength: 200 points
  • Ladar Sensor Strength: 200 points

Fitting Information

CPU Usage: 500 tf Powergrid Usage: 100,000 MW