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Contracts are a way of creating a formalized agreement between two entities for the transfer or transport of items and ISK. Unlike the trade window, a contract cannot be altered by the owner once it has been submitted, thus making scams much less likely (though far from impossible). Contracts may contain items not for sale on the regular regional market, such as blueprint copies or assembled/fitted ships, and in fact are the only way to sell such items outside of direct player-to-player trading.

Contract Types

Auction Contract


If you want to sell items but not in the regional market, you can create an auction.

After selecting the items you need to provide following information:

  • Starting Bid: The minimum value of ISK someone has to bid on your items.
  • Buyout Price(optional): The value of ISK needed for an instant buyout.
  • Auction Time: The number of days the contract should be available. When expiring the auction goes to the highest bid.

Item Exchange Contract

Item Exchange

A basic trade of items or ISK will use an item exchange contract. You specify the item you wish to sell or buy and the price you wish to pay or receive.

  • I will pay: The money you give to the player who accepts your contract.
  • I will get: The money the player has to give you when accepting the contract.
  • Expiration: The number of days the contract should be available.
  • Also request items from buyer: Choose items you want to get from the player who accepts your contract.

Possible Scams

Remember that members of the Ivy League are not allowed to scam anyone. Read our Code of Conduct.

  • Putting the same item to sell and buy. Someone who accepts this scam will instantly give the item back. An additional buy price is the complete profit in this scam.
  • Selling a bunch of items way too pricy.
Different price in Contract
Swapped buy and sell

Courier Contract


If you want to pay someone to ship items from A to B, you use a Courier Contract.

After selecting the items to be shipped, you need to provide following information:

  • Reward: This is the value of ISK that the hauler gets when they finish the contract correctly.
  • Collateral: This is the value of ISK that the hauler needs to place in escrow upon accepting the contract. If the hauler opens the package, the package is destroyed or delivery is not made within the allotted time, the contract is considered 'failed' and the collateral is paid out to you. Collateral should always be set a bit higher than the value of all items in the contract.
  • Expiration: The number of days the contract should be available.
  • Days to Complete: The time someone has to complete the contract.


Items that are considered contraband by one or more factions can’t be entered into courier contracts. This still applies when the items are legal in the start and destination systems and even when there are routes that don't pass through any systems where the items are illegal.

Possible Scams

Remember that members of the Ivy League are not allowed to scam anyone. Read our Code of Conduct.

  • Scam example: Setting a high collateral (above the value of the items to courier) and then ganking you on the estimated route to profit from the collateral and items dropped. That will give them the whole collateral you have paid. A few signs of this scam are: 1) Collateral far above the value of the items being transported; 2) A short route with only one route or a route that requires going through LowSec.

Creating a Contract

Selecting Contract Type

Select Contract Type

Contract Type:

  • Auction - Auction a pack of items and isk.
  • Item Exchange - Trading a pack of items and isk.
  • Courier - Hiring someone else to ship your Items from A to B.


  • Public - Makes it available to everyone in New Eden.
  • Private - Makes it only available to a single player or corporation which you specify in the textbox.
  • My Corporation - Makes it available to all corp mates.
  • My Alliance - Makes it available to all alliance mates.

On behalf of [Corporation name](Wallet name): Check if you want to use the corporation ISK. See also Corporation Contract Guide

Pick items

Pick Items

First choose the station where your items are.

Then check every Item you like to put into the Contract.

You can choose up to 200 stacks of items.

Cancelling a Contract

When you press "Finish" and create the contract, the specified items (and/or cash) are removed from your possession and held while waiting for the contract to be fulfilled. However, until someone accepts the contract, these items still belong to you, and you can retrieve them by canceling the contract. When you cancel a contract, it becomes unavailable to other players and the items are returned to you. Note that it may take the game a few minutes to restore the actual physical items to your locker.

When another player accepts one of your contracts, the items become completely unavailable to you. It is up to the accepting player to fulfill, fail to fulfill, or reject the contract.


  • Contracting (1x, 175k ISK) - Increase number of outstanding contracts by 4 per level.
  • Corporation Contracting (3x, 150k ISK) - Increase number of outstanding corporate contracts by 10 per level.

Contract history

Looking at public contract history is an important part of information warfare. Identifying haulers, alts of other players, or unique market opportunities can be done by looking through records of public contracts. This information is normally only available through the game and not ESI. EVE Ref has an archive of public contract history.