Courier Gone Missing (1 of 2)

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Level 4
Type Security
Objective Transport 1 x Ovon Flac's Container (10.0 m³)
Rewards 15M ISK + 10M ISK (3h)
Mission briefing
Hey there, <Character>. I have a task I want you to complete. If you do it right, I might have a small reward for you.

The next Legends Trial battle starts at midnight tonight, and as head of security around here, my job is to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. However, there is a small problem. The documents detailing the fighters and their ships were scheduled to be delivered to me from 9GYL-O V - Moon 13 - Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant this morning. However, the courier assigned to the task has obviously failed us, and as such I need you to step up and fill his place. Go get the documents and bring them to me. Do it quickly and I will have a little something extra waiting for you.

Fly safe.