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Ticker 666
CEO Dame Hel
Director(s) unknown
Headquarters Doomheim Station

The internal corporation used for characters in the graveyard. Whenever a character is biomassed or deleted that character is assigned to Doomheim until it is purged. Characters in Doomheim do not show up in normal searches. Characters in Doomheim will occasionally be purged and new characters can be created with the same name. If a new character is created with the same name as a character in Doomhiem the old character is renamed to a default name. Under certain circumstances, customer support and GM can recover biomassed characters. Due to game mechanics, biomassed characters in Doomheim will still show up on killmails.

Doomheim Station

Doomheim Station is owned by and is the headquarters of the Doomheim Corporation. It has no location in-game and can not be remotely set as a home station. Numerous NPC corporations also have Doomheim set as their HQ.


If one has Agent standings with an NPC who is removed from the game by CCP, those standings and some information about that NPC will still show up in the standings tab until the character is truly removed from the database.

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