Empyrean/Apocrypha Tour

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Empyrean/Apocrypha Tour


Scheduling information:

(Day, Date, Month)
DURATION: 2-4 Hours depending on fleet speed


"Eve Lore 102": Empyrean Age and Apocrypha with Mark726 of Eve Travel and Arvash of Interstellar Privateer

Most of you in Uni know me as Rhavas, but the EVE community at large is more familiar with my alt, Arvash, who is fairly active on Twitter (@eve_arvash) and who I use as the voice of the blog Interstellar Privateer. Arvash is the character I use to indulge my lore-nut side, and has written extensively about the Seyllin Incident and the Empyrean Age events. I've always wanted to teach more people about these events. For those who follow the community of bloggers, we will also (hopefully) be joined by the esteemed Mark726 (@webspaceships) from Eve Travel, who is quite possibly the most knowledgeable geographer in Eve.

We will NOT be going to Eve Gate, but keep your eye on the events calendar there is often a trip to eve gate which the events department organise at least once every three months.


- Due to Eve University SOP:[list]
- Given participation by me, Mark, and potentially out of corp members, this will by necessity actually be two parallel fleets.
- All PVP decisions relative to the Uni fleet will be handled by the ILN officer. For Uni members, that person will be the overriding authority on your fleet movements.
- For non-Uni members I will be maintaining standard Uni fleet doctrine to minimize confusion. This means no shooting anyone who is not flashy (-5 or lower security status) unless ordered.
- We will share Mumble channels and probably use Class.E-Uni as a shared "fleet" chat.
- We will not go into nullsec, particularly since many of the connected nullsec sites are in sovereign nullsec. See the link to my page below for pics of nullsec sites.
- All that said, I do not intend to engage fights if we can avoid it - this is a tour not a roam.


- I suggest PVP fit since some of the systems will be lowsec.
- Frigates Only! We have over 60 jumps round trip, so we need to be quick. Fly a CovOps if you have one, EWAR frigate or fast combat frigate if you don't.


The Empyrean Age Trailer
Apocrypha Trailer

Additional Information:

SUGGESTED PREWORK (For those of you who really want to get it):


  1. The Spiral
  2. Half a Life
  3. "1"
  4. The Great Harvest
  5. We Humans
  6. World on Fire <- Most important one of this set (The Seyllin Incident)[/list]