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This article is deprecated and no longer in use. Please visit FC Team for current info.
EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.
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Overview of the Fleet Command Course ("FCC")

The Fleet Command Course is a program of learning designed to encourage and support new and emerging Fleet Commanders within Eve University.

Fleet combat is one of the most exciting, unique and inspiring aspects of EVE, and it all starts with people choosing to step up, undock, and lead their friends and corp mates out to find fights. FCs help make EVE what it is. They help change the outcome of wars, shape the political landscape of EVE, and provide people with the memories which keep them coming back to this game

The FCC was first established because EVE needs content creators, people who don't moan, don't spin in station, they gather up the pilots, devise a plan, and they DO. The FCC may not instantly make you into the Napoleon of EVE, but we're here to help you take the first steps towards greatness, and to have fun doing so.

Join our community, progress through our ranks, become the Fleet Commander

What Does the FCC Offer?

Structured Learning Plan

Icon skillbook1.png The FCC Syllabus system provides a rank progression linked to experience demonstrated. The outline is designed to produce well rounded FCs with extensive experience across various doctrines, areas of space, and ship size, who are comfortable leading fleets of all shapes and sizes

Fleet Feedback and Fleet Template Collection

Icon contract.png While all FCs are strongly encouraged to write an After Action Report (AAR) on the Uni forums explaining what they learned and the choices they made during the engagements. Feedback is then provided by a community of experienced FCs who dedicate their time and knowledge.

The FCC Mentor Scheme

Icon leader.png The Mentored Fleets is comprised of volunteers from our most experienced FCs across all timezones, both inside and outside of E-Uni, who have generously agreed to act as Mentors for any junior FC new to the course who wishes for some additional help and guidance. The whole of the FCC community remains there as a means of support for everyone, as well as being available for 1:1 consultation and direct mentorship as time allows.

The FCC Doctrine Library

Icon ship.png The FCC Doctrine Library, located in the sidebar on the right-hand side of this page, is information about commonly flown doctrines for any new FC looking at doctrine ideas. The pages to include not only to the fits themselves, but also tactics and suggestions on how to fly them.

These are not official doctrines, and members do not have to follow them, but they are for suggestion and inspiration purposes only, and to help with ideas to fulfill the FCC doctrine requirements

E-Uni Fleet Commander Community

The FCC community is built up of people throughout the Uni, from active FCs, to semi-retired experienced players, and new aspiring FCs without a fleet to their name. Together we provide advice and guidance on all aspects of Fleet Command

  • Dedicated FCC Discord channel for out of game discussion of all aspects of FC'ing
  • The FCC has it's own FCC subforum on the EVE Uni Forums

How Do I Join the FCC?

The requirements to join are there simply to ask the Junior FC to dedicate time to both the course and to Eve University, although there is an element of recommended experience which will help any aspiring FC. That said, it is only recommended experience to provide a good foundation level of knowledge and not a hard requirement.

Requirements to Join:

Icon large green check.png
  • Interested in becoming an FC and willing to commit to the course
  • Freshman title

Recommended Experience to start:

  • Participated in at least 5 Uni fleets in any capacity (Recommendation only)
  • Scouting 101/DSCAN course complete (Recommendation only)
  • Scouted in at least 3 Uni fleets (Recommendation only)