Federal Inspection (1 of 5)

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Gallente COSMOS mission
Agent: Onreun Coen
Agent location: Central Administration (Fluekele)
Standings required: 5.00 Gallente Federation
Parts: (1 of 5), (2 of 5), (3 of 5), (4 of 5), (5 of 5)

ObjectiveDeliver 1x Onreun's Crash (0.2 m3)
Ship suggestionInstawarping frigate, shuttle
Rewards500,000 + time bonus
ExtraLow sec target
Mission briefing
Ok, I'm here on official business from Federal Intelligence Office. I was sent here to inspect the Central Command station of Wiyrkomi in Algintal, and as a side project keep an eye out on Roden Shipyards, who've been Wiyrkomi's primary allies in Federation space.

Now my first objective is to make sure there isn't any illegal trade going on here. I haven't been able to discover any contraband during my stay here, but I'd like to test something before I fill my first report. I'd like to see how well prepared the Temko mercenaries guarding this installation are concerning illegal goods. So I want somebody inconspicuous to try to infiltrate the compound with drugs inside of his cargo hold. You look like just the person for that assignment.

You'll find the drugs on Decon VI - Moon 10 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant, simply grab them and bring them to me. Federation customs officials won't touch you, they know it's my crash. Temko don't however, hence the test. If you get attacked by Temko, then flee and come back later, I'll explain everything to them once the test is complete.

The agent wants to test the local mercenaries. He sends you to pick up drugs so you can come back past the mercenaries. You don't need to worry about being attacked as the mercenaries aren't very good at their job. Note that the route goes through low sec space. Only one jump, so an instawarping frigate/shuttle does the job.