Abyssal filaments

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Tier 1 filament: The info of the filament shows what the properties of the site it opens are. That it is a tier 1 filament can be seen by the 1 glowing stripe on the icon.

A filament is a kind of "key" that unlocks entry into Abyssal Deadspace. Filaments can be found in some Data Sites and also inside of some abyssal deadspace pockets. Within an abyssal deadspace pocket, there are five possible weather effects that affect both the player and NPCs. There are also five possible difficulty levels, with increasing penalties applied in each tier. The type of weather effect is identified on the info of the filament, as is the tier/difficulty level of the filament. The level of the filament can also be identified by the number of glowing stripes on the icon. The bonus modifier of the weather is always 50% but the strength of the penalty varies by the level of the instance.

The five levels of the abyss which dictate the strength of the penalty are outlined in this table below:

Level Filament Name Filament Appearance Penalty Amount
1 Calm AbyssalFilamentL1.png -30%
2 Agitated AbyssalFilamentL2.png -30%
3 Fierce AbyssalFilamentL3.png -30%
4 Raging AbyssalFilamentL4.png -50%
5 Chaotic AbyssalFilamentL5.png -70%

The five Abyss-wide environmental effects are outlined in this table below:

Weather Type Penalty Type (strength defined by level above) Bonus Provided
Electrical storm Icon resist em.png Penalty to EM Resist Icon capacitor capacity.png Bonus to Capacitor Recharge Time
Dark matter field Icon target range.png Penalty to Turret Optimal and Falloff Range Icon velocity.png Bonus to maximum velocity (+50%)
Exotic particle storm Icon resist kin.png Penalty to Kinetic Resist Icon sensor resolution.png Bonus to Scan Resolution (+50%)
Plasma firestorm Icon resist therm.png Penalty to Thermal Resist Icon armor.png Bonus to Armor HP (+50%)
Gamma-ray afterglow Icon resist exp.png Penalty to Explosive Resist Icon shield.png Bonus to Shield HP (+50%)

For example, a Raging Exotic Filament means that it is a Class 4 site with Exotic Particle Storm effect that provides the 50% bonus to scan resolution and -50% penalty to kinetic resists. A Fierce Dark Filament is a Class 3 site with Dark Matter Field effect that provides 50% bonus to maximum velocity and -30% penalty to turret optimal and falloff range.

For further information on the details of the site, see the Abyssal Deadspace entry.