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So you have heard that you can get free ships and modules from E-UNI, but are not sure how - this is the place for you!

Start out by being in one of our Campuses and open you inventory window (ALT+C), where you should be able to find a "Corporation hangars"-tree in the index on the left:


Notice how the "ALPHA"-tree has now been expanded and the sub category (this is actually a container) "Alpha Ships" selected. "ALPHA" is the first tree you will gain access to upon gaining your Freshman title. As an example, we are going to grab a Merlin to make a tackler.

With the Alpha Ships container open, right click and "Unlock Item" on the stack of your choice - Merlin in this case:


After you unlock the stack, it will become undimmed. Now, do not get distracted at this point as leaving any stack unlocked is bad and draws toward indications of corp theft. Shift-drag the stack to your "Ship hangar"-tree and drop it. A quantity window will pop up, usually you just want 1:


The Merlin will now appear in the root of your "Ship hangar"-tree where you have to "Assemble Ship" before it actually gets its own tab. If it was a module it would just show up in the "Item hangar"-tree.

Afterwards, remember to lock the stack!


Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a brand new Merlin. Now go forth and use it to equip a tackler!

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