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PYFA (Python Fitting Assistant) is a cross-platform fitting application that can be used natively on any platform where python and wxwidgets are available, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

It provides many advanced features such as graphs and full calculations of any possible combination of modules, fits, etc.

To download PYFA go to this page or to the Eve Online forum page here


Initial Setup

Importing/creating characters

Much like EFT, Pyfa can import your character sheet using an API-key. To create a predefined API-key go to this page and tick 'no expiry'.

Once you have set up an API-key:

  1. Open the Character Editor (Window -> Character Editor or press Ctrl-E)
  2. Create a new character by clicking the PYFA new char.PNG icon, name the character and click create
  3. Enter the Key ID and Verification code from the API key you created (can be found here)
  4. Click get characters and choose the correct character from the drop down box
  5. Click Fetch Skills

You can re-open the character editor at any time and edit a characters skill sheet, to do this open the character editor, select a character and click the skills tab. Just right click on a skill to change to the desired level. To revert changed skills to actual skills go to the API tab and click fetch skills.

To create a custom character follow the above instructions, after step 2 open the Skills tab, expand any tree and right click on a skill.

You can also import character files (for example EVEMon's .xml files) directly into Pyfa. This can be very useful if you have certain low-skilled doctrines or other variations that isn't easily checked by your existing characters or the All 5 variant.

Use existing characters by adding the API-key.
Create your own custom character.
You can also import character xml-files.


You should change your settings to match the images below. General settings are mostly personal preference, however the network settings are required for PYFA to query EVE-Central for prices.

To change settings go to Window -> Preferences or press Ctrl-P.

PYFA general.PNG PYFA network.PNG

Damage Profiles

Copy the following into the damage pattern editor by selecting all the damage patterns, and copy them into your clipboard. Then inside of PYFA under the window tab select the damage pattern editor. At the bottom right hand side there will be 2 buttons. Select the one that says import from clipboard. From now on you will be able to select the type of incoming damage and you can change your fit accordingly. (The Law damage profile is CONCORD Response.)

Values are in following format:
DamageProfile = [Folder] [name],[EM amount],[Thermal amount],[Kinetic amount],[Explosive amount]

DamageProfile = [Asteroid] Angel Cartel,23,7,26,44

DamageProfile = [Asteroid] Blood Raiders,55,45,0,0

DamageProfile = [Asteroid] Guristas,0,17,83,0

DamageProfile = [Asteroid] Rogue Drone,10,18,28,44

DamageProfile = [Asteroid] Sansha's Nation,58,42,0,0

DamageProfile = [Asteroid] Serpentis,0,53,47,0

DamageProfile = [Deadspace] Angel Cartel,6,9,26,59

DamageProfile = [Deadspace] Blood Raiders,53,47,0,0

DamageProfile = [Deadspace] Guristas,0,19,81,0

DamageProfile = [Deadspace] Rogue Drone,8,34,32,26

DamageProfile = [Deadspace] Sansha's Nation,57,43,0,0

DamageProfile = [Deadspace] Serpentis,0,62,38,0

DamageProfile = [Hybrid] Antimatter,0,20,28,0

DamageProfile = [Hybrid] Javelin,0,32,24,0

DamageProfile = [Hybrid] Null,0,24,20,0

DamageProfile = [Hybrid] Spike,0,1,1,0

DamageProfile = [Hybrid] Void,0,1,1,0

DamageProfile = [Laser] Aurora,20,12,0,0

DamageProfile = [Laser] Conflagration,1,1,0,0

DamageProfile = [Laser] Gleam,1,1,0,0

DamageProfile = [Laser] Multifreq,28,20,0,0

DamageProfile = [Laser] Radio,1,0,0,0

DamageProfile = [Laser] Scorch,36,8,0,0

DamageProfile = [Missile] EM,1,0,0,0

DamageProfile = [Missile] Explosive,0,0,0,1

DamageProfile = [Missile] Kinetic,0,0,1,0

DamageProfile = [Missile] Thermal,0,1,0,0

DamageProfile = [Mission] Amarr Empire,56,43,1,0

DamageProfile = [Mission] CONCORD,26,12,20,42

DamageProfile = [Mission] Caldari State,0,31,69,0

DamageProfile = [Mission] Gallente Federation,0,58,42,0

DamageProfile = [Mission] Khanid,56,40,4,0

DamageProfile = [Mission] Minmatar Republic,14,5,23,58

DamageProfile = [Mission] Mordu,2,32,66,0

DamageProfile = [Mission] Thukker,0,37,7,56

DamageProfile = [Other] Incursion Sansha's Nation,16,13,36,35

DamageProfile = [Other] Sleepers,29,29,21,21

DamageProfile = [Other] The Law,36,29,24,11

DamageProfile = [Projectile] Barrage,0,0,20,24

DamageProfile = [Projectile] EMP,36,0,4,8

DamageProfile = [Projectile] Fusion,0,0,8,40

DamageProfile = [Projectile] Hail,0,0,13,48

DamageProfile = [Projectile] Quake,0,0,20,36

DamageProfile = [Projectile] Tremor,0,0,12,20

DamageProfile = [Projectile] Phased Plasma,0,40,8,0


User Interface

The highlighted areas on the UI image:

  1. Ship/Market browser Browser - Used for creating fits and adding modules
  2. Fitting Window - Used to view fit and add charges to weapons and modules
  3. Additions - Used for adding and selecting drones/implants as well as assigning fleet boosts
  4. Character Selection - Drop down box for selecting imported characters, all lvl V and all lvl 0
  5. Stats - Resist profile and EHP, DPS and volley, targetting and speed info, ship and module cost

To browse, edit, and add fittings use the Ship tab in the left pane (1.):

  • Root list Root.PNG
  • Back one level Back.PNG
  • Toggle show fit ships only Showmyfits.PNG
  • Editing current fit (Make Copy/Rename/Delete) Icons.PNG

To create a new fit browse to a ship class and click the New.PNG

New fit.png

Adding Modules

To add a module to your fit open the market tab in the left window (1.), browse to the module you want to add and double click it. Providing there is a free slot available, the module will be added to the fit. You can switch between T1/T2 - Faction - Deadspace - Officer modules using the buttons at the bottom of the pane.


Adding Charges

To add a charge right click a module, hover over charge and click the desired charge. (You can add charges to multiple modules by Shift-clicking modules)


Adding Drones

To add drones browse to the drones section of the market tab and double click, only drones that are ticked will be added to the DPS stats. The drone bandwidth and capacity is shown in the top left of the stats pane (5.) You can manipulate the drone stack by right clicking.


Adding Fleet Boosts

You can set a Squad/Wing/Fleet booster in PYFA, each role can have a different character and ship assigned to it. To set boosts you first need to create a boost ship, this could either be an empty ship (to apply character skills only) or a boosting ship (to apply module boosts). Once you have created a boost ship right click the fit and tick booster fit. Ships assigned as boosters are marked with Boost set.PNG. You can also drag fits in to the boost window and use the right click menu to set a Squad/Wing/Fleet booster.


When you have a boost ship set you then open up the Fleet tab under the Additions (3.) pane. you can select boost ships from the drop down box and any character can be used.

Boost select.PNG

Using Graphs

Graphs can be used to view DPS - Range charts. You can add multiple ships to the same graph to compare damage projection. The targets Signature, Velocity, Angle and Distance can be added for the desired effects. To add ships to the graph open the graph window (Window -> Graphs or press Ctrl-G) and drag fits into the graph.


Importing/Exporting Fits

Importing fits

PYFA can import fittings directly from clipboard, to import a fit either go Edit -> From Clipboard or Ctrl-V. To import a fit from EVE to PYFA simply click 'Copy to Clipboard' in game. Once you have a fit copied to clipboard you can paste it into PYFA.


Exporting fits

To export a fit either go Edit -> To clipboard or press Ctrl-C, and select your preferred format. The EFT format is the most widely used and can be imported into EVE by opening the fitting window in game, clicking browse and clicking 'Import from Clipboard'. The EFT format is commonly used on forums and to import fits for a variety of 3rd party programs.

Browse.png ImportfromClipboard.png

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