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HORSE is a variation of a Scan the Can event, with the anchored cans holding industrial components of a BPC. The event name comes from a variant that used cans to spell out H-O-R-S-E.

Notes for the host

  • Pick an object for the players to scan down: this can be drones, mobile depots, MTUs or other deployables that you have handy.
  • Pick a BPC to use for the event: ex. if you choose the Hobgoblin I BPC, you'll need 4 Isogen, 2 Nocxium, 7 Pyerite and 509 Tritanium.
  • Pick a handful of other items that are unrelated to your BPC.
  • Make safe spots in your system of choice to jettison the objects.
  • Drop your objects at these spots about an hour before the event begins.
  • Anchor a can beside each object, and store the BPC and non-BPC components across each of them.

Event requirements

  • For the host: secure containers (any size), a collection of relevant materials to put in the cans, objects that can be combat probed.
  • For the participants: a combat probing fit.


  • Before the event begins, the host tells all participants the name of the event's BPC.
  • Players combat probe the objects down and check the contents of the cans nearby.
  • When they've found all the cans, they tell the host which ones are required for the BPC and which ones are not.
  • Prizes are awarded based on the order in which players find all the cans.

Example event

  • Using the Hobgob I BPC as our example, the host collects 4 Isogen, 2 Nocxium, 7 Pyerite and 509 Tritanium as BPC-related materials and 3 Carbon, 17 Zydrine, 1 Small Tractor Beam I and 2 Alloyed Tritanium Bar as the non-BPC materials.
  • Since there are 8 materials, the host needs to set up 8 safe spots with 1 mobile depot and 1 anchored secure container at each location.
  • Each item group is placed in one can: the Isogen is stored in one, the Pyerite is stored in another, the Zydrine is stored in yet another and so on.
  • At the beginning of the event, the host tells their participants that the Hobgoblin I BPC is the event's theme.
  • During the event, participants race to scan all the mobile depots down. They keep track of what they find at each can, and return to the event host to tell them which ones are non-BPC materials. In this case, they'd be Zyrdrine, Small Tractor Beam I, lloyed Tritanium Bar and Carbon.