Hinrich Tekrawhol

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Hinrich Tekrawhol is a level 3 Thukker Tribe mission agent in Minmatar COSMOS located at the Crystal Dust Compound in Tvink.
 Agent  Level  Corporation  Faction
Hinrich Tekrawhol 3 Thukker Mix Thukker Tribe
 Mission  Reward
Courier (25 units of Antibiotics) 110000 Credits + 110000 Credits Bonus
Courier (10 m3) 89000 Credits + 116000 Credits Bonus
Aquire 4 Minmatar Republic Narcotic Officer's Tag (Contested Minmatar Guerilla Base) 295000 Credits + 373000 Credits Bonus
Courier (2 m3) 3 run Blueprint Copy + 38000 Credits Bonus
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