Hlebnar Tonari

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Hlebnar Tonari
Hlebnar Tonari.jpg
Type Data center
Level 1
Location Eram (0.8)
Affiliation Vherokior Tribe
Minmatar Republic

Hlebnar Tonari is a level 1 Vherokior Tribe (Minmatar republic) data center storyline agent located at an unnamed, unmarked site "A Hermit's Retreat" near Eram V - Moon 2. His missions form a part of the Shaman Secrets mission chain.

Snatching the Shaman

Type Encounter
Objective Retrieve 1 x Dari Akell (5.0m³)
Best damage to deal Thermal damage ThElectromagnetic damage EM
Damage to resist Thermal damage ThKinetic damage Kin
Rewards 1 x Logut Akell (5.0m³) and Minmatar Republic faction standing
Extra Requires hacking with data analyzer

Mission briefing
I'm sorry but he explicitly told me to prevent anyone from disturbing him today. Maybe some other time?

[when accepted]

How dare you!? I will not 'hand him over', and I am perfectly fine with laying down my life for Logut. We also have a very nice security system in place, so I'd think twice about attacking our home or trying to sneak in ...

[when complete]

No, this cannot be! Touch a strand of hair on Dari's head and we'll have the Republic Fleet so far up your ass they'll hear your screams on Amarr Prime. But I will speak to Logut, as long as Dari is unharmed.

*long pause*

Logut has agreed to your terms, he will cooperate as long as Dari remains safe with me. He would do anything for his daughter, even surrender to treasonous scoundrels like yourself. But be warned, if he is not returned safe and sound within the month, we will contact the Minmatar secret service and they will hunt you down like the dog you are. Be-gone!¨


The key to the gateway is hidden inside the blasted neon sign near Logut's Abode, so bring along a Data Analyzer.

Initial location

Agent in space 1 x Logut's Abode
Acceleration Gate 1 x Acceleration Gate Requires Logut's Kaycard
Container 1 x Blasted Neon Sign Can be hacked with a data analyzer Logut's Keycard

Use a data analyzer to hack Blasted Neon Sign and loot Logut's Keycard (0.1m³), after which you can activate the acceleration gate.

First pocket

Frigate 1 x Frigate Dari Akell Dari Akell
Acceleration Gate 1 x Gateway to the Retreat

Inside the pocket is a single frigate - destroy the ship, loot the pilot, and take the gateway back to the agent. After the "hostage exchange", you can go back to Pinala Adala to proceed with the rest of her mission chain.