Jannegiers Estacan

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Jannegiers Estacan is a level 1 agent in Gallente COSMOS. He requires no standings from you.

This agent gives a four mission long hauling mission chain. The first mission requires you to get the mission item yourself.

Activist Fuel (1 of 4)

ObjectiveDeliver 100x Fertilizer (150 m3)
Rewards244,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
Something just came up that's right up your alley.

My name is Jannegiers Estacan, and I'm the Chief Indoctrination Officer for the Friends of Nature in this area. I bring new recruits in and teach them all about the wonders of nature and how awful the corporate behemoth is ... as the 12th Prophet put it, "trying to put an ISK sign" on everything that grows naturally in this splendid universe of ours.

I also oversee most of the supplies that come to and from our fair little seminary. As a matter of fact, I have something on my desk right now that requires the attention of someone fast and competent. Couldn't help but notice that fine-looking vessel you're flying there. One of our fertilizer shipments was ambushed yesterday, and we need someone to replace what's missing. If you can find us 100 units of fertilizer, we'd be much obliged.

The agent wants you to bring him fertilizers. The fertilizer is produced in PI and you can buy it from any tradehub.

Activist Fuel (2 of 4)

ObjectiveDeliver 160x Wheat (184 m3)
Rewards8,500 + time bonus
Mission briefing
Yes, I have something for you.

Great job with the fertilizer. My thanks. Next up, we have a shortage of wheat on one of our outposts on Parchanier IV. There's been a bit of a mix-up, it seems: A shipment of Quafe Ultra went to the planet instead of the wheat, and now those poor people have nothing to make their bread with.

If you could pop over to the Egonics Inc. Development Studio at Parchanier V and deliver this wheat to them, you'd be greatly aiding the FON's cause in this area.

Deliver wheat to Parchanier V - Egonics Inc. Development Studio. Four jumps in total to deliver and return.

Activist Fuel (3 of 4)

ObjectiveDeliver 180x Hydrogen Batteries (180 m3)
Rewards12,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
I have just the thing you want.

Good news! One of our teams has just pulled off a major coup against the Wiyrkomi corporation in the Augnais system. They've managed to intercept the third shipment in a row of batteries for the workers' personal electronic entertainment systems. Things are at boiling point over there already, and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a mutiny there sometime in the near future.

We need someone to go grab the batteries, though, so we can put them to good use and absolve our people in the area of any suspicions, should the powers that be decide to conduct a hangar search. Head over to the Pend Insurance Investment Bank in Augnais and grab the batteries for me, and we'll reward you well.

Pick the items from Augnais VIII - Moon 14 - Pend Insurance Depository and return to agent. Two jumps in total to pick up and deliver.

Activist Fuel (4 of 4)

ObjectiveDeliver 125x Small Arms (250 m3)
Rewards'Beatnik' Small Remote Armor Repairer BPC (3 run) + time bonus
Mission briefing
Yes, I have something for you.

This is kind of strange. I've just been handed a shipment of small arms that is supposedly bound for an outpost of ours in the Deltole system. I'm not sure what this means, but the shipping slip seems correct. I'll have to get in touch with my superiors about this - we shouldn't be ferrying weapons around. Something fishy might be going on here.

Should you decide you want to take this job, the small arms will be placed in your cargo hold and since I know you'll remain quiet about this, I'm going to throw in a little something special as a reward this time.

The agent somehow has received a shipment of small arms to deliver. Since he doesn't want to be assoxiated with that kind of thing he gives the delivery task to you. Two jumps to deliver. The mission can be completed remotely.