Minor Perimeter Reservoir

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Site text: Fullerite is the solid-state manifestation of fullerene molecules and can be found naturally occurring within interstellar gas clouds. Fullerites are coveted for the unique structural properties that make them some of the most useful materials known to humankind. Fullerene-based technology has applications in electronics, propulsion and engineering as well as the construction of ultra-hard metal alloys and heat-resistant weapons systems. Because of the near-identical processes involved in crystal formation, fullerite clouds are acquired using the same, pre-existing gas harvester technology that has supplied booster manufacturers with their own cloud materials.

Sleeper Ship Name Effect(s) Sig Speed Attack Orbit DPS/Volley DPS/Volley EHP
Wave 1


2x Awakened Patroller

Icon ship sig.png 150

Icon velocity.png 1,190 m/s

Icon target range.png 30 km

15 km Icon orbit.png 170 m/s

20 DPS,Volley,Interval 100 (5 s)

20 DPS,Volley,Interval 300 (15 s)

Icon hull.png 19,167

Units Gas Type Total M3 # Cycles # Hours Value
6,000 Fullerite-C72 12,000 150 1.26 Mid
12,000 Fullerite-C70 12,000 150 1.26 Low

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