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Musical ships is one of the events in Psychotic Fickity's list on the Events Planning forum. It works like musical chairs, except with empty ships being the chairs.


  • Secure containers are anchored in a roughly circular formation, with one at the centre.
  • Participants arrive at the spot in corvettes, warp to the centre container and then leave their ship (right click your capacitor's UI/your ship in space and select the '! Eject' option).
  • They proceed to bounce between the external boxes while the music plays.
  • The event host moves one ship off-grid.
  • When the music stops, all the players in the pods warp back to the collection of empty corvettes and board into whichever one they can.
  • The one player left in the pod leaves the game.
  • This continues until there's only one player left.


The set-up:

Musical ships-Arena.png

Leaving the ships: 

Musical ships-Eject.png

Boarding a ship:

Musical ships-Board.png

Additional information

  • For the event host: climbing into the empty ship and docking it at a station instead of shooting at it prevents lossmails, if this is important to anybody involved.
  • Anchored containers need to be 150 km apart so that the players can warp between them.
  • For participants: you can't warp directly to empty ships in space, so you'll have to warp to the anchored container, then select a ship and board it.