Nullsec Blackout

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The Nullsec Blackout was an event lasting from 12 July 2019 through 16 September 2019. During the blackout, local chat in nullsec functioned in the same way as local in wormhole space: pilots did not automatically appear in the local chat users list until they typed a message. The start of the blackout was very publicly announced, however its end was announced with somewhat less fanfare in an interview at G-Fleet, Berlin on 14 September 2019.

At the time of its announcement, it was not stated how long the blackout would last, and several third-party tools elected to join in the spirit of limiting information.

  • ZKillboard went completely black for the opening weekend.[1]
  • Dotlan EVEMaps showed only static system activity data for the duration of the blackout.[2]

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