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PLEX new.png The PLEX Vault is a separate inventory that only you have access to. It allows for safe storage of PLEX while moving as well as facilitating selling PLEX, adding Omega game time (plexing your account), Multiple Character Training (MCT) as well as buying PLEX.

Safe storage of PLEX

There is no good reason to ever move PLEX inside the cargo cargo hold of your ship. Put it in the PLEX vault while moving and take it out when you've safely arrived at your destination (although in almost all cases you never need to take it out of the vault at all).

Items in the PLEX vault will not drop or be destroyed if someone kills your ship and pods you, so it's a safe way to move your PLEX.

Since you need to have your PLEX in the PLEX vault to use it or sell it (it won't let you sell PLEX if it's in your hangar or cargo hold), there's no reason to take it out of the vault unless you're planning on giving it away to someone through direct trade or contracts.

Adding physical PLEX into the vault

If you've purchased PLEX from the market or received a physical bundle of PLEX from someone, you can add it to the PLEX vault locally as well as remotely.

This is an example of right-clicking on an item in your hangar.
You can also go through your Personal Assets (either using the Alt + T shortcut or the NeoCom menu).

Bug icon red.png Bug: There is currently a bug in the Move to PLEX Vault when you try to move PLEX from an Upwell structure like a Citadel or Engineering Complex you don't have access to. This option is still there, but does absolutely nothing and gives no error message about it being intentional due to lack of access.

PLEX vault services

In the PLEX vault window you have quick access to selling PLEX directly on the market, adding Omega game time, buying extra skill queues, shop in the New Eden Store as well as buying PLEX using real money. To open the PLEX vault, go to your unified inventory (either from your shortcut Alt + C or the NeoCom), it's located at the very bottom of the index-list.

Stuff ...

Sell PLEX for ISK

This option will simply open a normal Sell Items window. It won't open the market window however, so you might want to do that manually before selling the PLEX, so you can see the current prices and trends before setting your own price.

Add Omega game time & Buy extra skill queue

Both of these options open up a mini-version of the New Eden Store for quick access to these services and items.

Getting Add Omega game time opens up this quick-access window to purchase more Omega game time.
After opening up the Buy extra skill queue and purchasing it, you'll get an additional pop-up screen informing you of the Multiple Character Training that was delivered to your current hangar of the station or structure you're docked in.

Shop in the New Eden Store

This is a simple link to the New Eden Store, it does the same as going through the NeoCom menu.


This option will require fast checkout, but will conveniently allow you to complete PLEX purchase for real money without leaving the client.

If you haven't saved your credit card information, you'll initially be greeted with this message and a link to a secure browser checkout.