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This page is meant to hold a quick outline for an instructional video on Planetary Industry


Stuff to do before recording

  • Get on SiSi
  • Find a nice system containing both planets with and without Customs Offices (to briefly remark later that they're created with the first Launchpad on the planet)
  • Find a pretty planet (low pixellation, good visibility, contrast) like a Temperate or Oceanic without too much cloud cover and at least three solid resources (some planets have zero deposits of some resources)
  • Load up a good-sized Command Center into a ship and sit around in orbit
  • Maybe familiarize yourself with the heat map of the planet to find an unusually handy location to put the CC central to two rich resource spots whose P1s will form a P2


Welcome to the Eve University video guide on Planetary Industry

In this guide we will show you the basics of Planetary Industry. For more detailed information visit our website.

First you will choose a planet to work on. Select a planet and go into Planet Mode.

Go into Scan View, and scan the abundance of resources on the planet. You will need the skill 'Remote Sensing' to do this.

You can change the visibility of the resource abundance map by sliding the resource visibility slider. This will help you identify areas on the planet with the most resources.

After you have selected a planet, buy the appropriate command center from the market. More advanced command centers will offer more CPU, powergrid and storage space.

With the command center in your cargohold, undock and go into Planet Mode. In the Build View, select your Command Center. Place it on the planet and click the Submit button.

Now that you have a command center, place a few Extractors. Make sure they are the right type for your resource. Remember to hit submit after you have placed them.

Survey for a deposit with each extractor. This will cause them to start gathering resouces.

To use the resouces you will build a processor. Place a Basic Industry Facility near your extractors. Select the schematic that takes the resource you're gathering and turns it into a Processed Material.

To transport the resources to your processor, you will need to set up links and routes. To create a link, select Create Link from the build menu, select the facility you want to link FROM and connect it with the facility you want to link TO. Link the extractors to the processor and the processor to the command center.

To set up a route that transports the resources over a link, select the an Extractor and open it's products overview. Select the product you want to route and click Create Route. Now select the facility you want to route it to: the processor.

After routing your extractors to your processor, route the product from your processor to your command center. Keep in mind you can only create routes between facilities that are linked.

After your processor has received enough resources to process it will create it's product and send it to your command center. From there you can launch it into space and retrieve your items.

Congratulations, you have just built your first colony!


  • Edit out any needed pauses waiting for extractors
  • For bonus points, maybe add a mild background soundtrack
  • Read up on the youtube posting guidelines
  • See about uploading it!