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Preaux Gallot is a level 2 Gallente COSMOS agent located at Natural Seminary in Audaerne. he requires 1.00 Gallente Federation faction standings.

Preaux's missions are direct continuation to Pandon Ardillan's missions. You must complete Pandon's missions before you can start doing Preaux's missions. Completing Preaux's missions ia also a requirement for taking missions from Ystvia Lamuette

A Storm Brewing (1 of 6)

ObjectiveBring 1x FON Strike Scene Evidence (0.1 m3)
Rewards314,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
First of all, do you have something for me...? If you know what I'm talking about, then hand it over, please. If you don't, then I'm sorry, but I don't have anything for you.

This mission is direct continuation from Pandon Ardillan's last mission. The FON Strike Scene Evidence is received from Pandon's last mission.

A Storm Brewing (2 of 6)

ObjectiveDeliver 1x Aggregated FON Data (1.0 m3)
Rewards350,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
Something just came up that's right up your alley.

First, a proper introduction. I'm Preaux Gallot, one of FON's chief coordinators in this area. As you may know, the Wiyrkomi corporation is trying to move into this area, corrupting the vast tracts of natural beauty found here with their horrible industry. Moreover, the piece of evidence you just brought me seems to indicate there are things at play here far worse than we originally suspected.

It appears the Wiyrkomi corporation has been hiring mercenaries to stage attacks on their own outposts in the area, attacks which they then frame us for in order to lessen our stature in the public eye. We need to put a stop to this as soon as possible. If we lose our lobbyist support, the Federation is likely to succumb to the deals being proffered by the corrupt Caldari business machine, and this entire area will be turned into just another locale for these corporate bigwigs to ravage.

An operative of ours, Suho Tatanal, has just returned from a protest on Parchanier II. He's a canny investigator with an eye for details; I want you to bring him the aggregated evidence we've gathered on the case so far, then report back to me. I'll have another assignment for you very soon.

Deliver the data to the given station. Four jumps to deliver and return.

A Storm Brewing (3 of 6)

ObjectiveDeliver 30x Fedo Blood (150 m3)
Rewards'Aura' Warp Core Stabilizer I BPC (3 run)
Mission briefing
I have just the thing you want.

Okay, Suho's gears have started turning. The evidence you brought him helped greatly. His investigation will be a tremendous boon in our struggle against the corporate monster. We'll have to wait a while to see what he comes up with. I'm not worried about him, though; he works magic when he gets going.

While we wait, <Character>, I have another job for you. Our organization is staging a massive protest tomorrow in the Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory in Jolia, but there seems to have been a slight miscommunication between some of our activists. If you could hop over to the Pend Insurance Investment Bank in Augnais and bring a few bags of fedo blood over to the Wiyrkomi station in Jolia, the Friends of Nature would be much obliged.

The protesters have forgotten to bring Fedo blood to their protest. your job is to bring it to them. Pick up the blood from Augnais VIII - Moon 14 - Pend Insurance Depository and deliver to Jolia VII - Moon 12 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory. Four jumps to deliver and return.

A Storm Brewing (4 of 6)

ObjectiveDeliver 15x Unassembled Drills (180 m3)
Rewards'Peace' Large Remote Armor Repairer BPC (3 run)
Mission briefing
Here is a mission suited for someone of your caliber.

You've proven yourself a trustworthy operative, <Character>, so I'm going to give you an assignment slightly more clandestine than the ones you've gotten from me so far. Technically speaking, we're going to be breaking the law here, but I trust you realize we're doing what we're doing for a higher cause. Okay, that said, here goes.

We just received word from our man on the inside that Wiyrkomi have just ordered 15 high-powered drills for their prospecting operations on Fluekele V, a planet home to many unique, highly endangered varieties of flora and fauna. The drills are currently sitting at the Wiyrkomi factory in Fluekele, awaiting transport to the site where they're intended to be used.

Our operatives at Fluekele have managed, through their connections with sympathetic station personnel, to pilfer these tools, but we can't keep them hidden for long. We need someone to get the drills safely out to our people in the Poteque station in Augnais. Head out there and show me how devoted to our cause you truly are.

The agent sends you to pick up stolen drills from Fluekele IV - Moon 10 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Factory and to deliver them to Augnais VI - Moon 1 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production. In total fuve jumps

A Storm Brewing (5 of 6)

ObjectiveDeliver 200x Soil (300 m3)
Rewards18,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
Yes, I have something for you.

Something urgent just landed on my desk. One of our industrial ships, carrying a load of soil intended for our reservations on Deltole, was shot down yesterday with no survivors. We need to get some soil over there soon, or a large part of our efforts in the area will be wasted.

Looks like Wiyrkomi are using our alleged aggression against them as an excuse to gun down innocent people whose aims they don't agree with. Can't say I'm surprised, frankly, although I wouldn't have thought they'd go this far.

Bring 200 units of soil to me, and you will have done us a great service.

You will find Soil on local market. Alternatively you can collect it from Municipal Junkyard in Deltole.

A Storm Brewing (6 of 6)

ObjectiveDeliver 1x Suho Tatanal's Investigation Dossier (1.0 m3)
Rewards38,000 + 0.567% Gallente Federation faction standing + Preaux's Letter + time bonus
Mission briefing
For you, my friend, there's always something.

Suho has made a lot of headway in his investigation, and the results are disturbing as all hell. What I'm about to tell you is for your ears only. I want to make that absolutely clear.

It appears the attacks we've been hearing about against Wiyrkomi assets are not being staged by Wiyrkomi themselves, as we originally suspected. The most recent threads of Suho's investigation are, in fact, pointing squarely toward members of our own organization. I regret to say this, but it appears we have a vigilante rogue in our midst, someone who obviously has no conception of the harm he could be doing to our cause.

Furthermore, there's compelling evidence to the effect that this party, whoever he or she is, have been in contact with the Serpentis smugglers operating in this area, conspiring to strike against Wiyrkomi assets, murdering people in order to further our cause. Makes me feel dirty just thinking about it.

This weed in our garden needs to be rooted out, but first we need to learn its identity. The information is being held by Suho at his office in Parchanier. Needless to say, it's far too sensitive to be sent over normal channels, so I need someone I can trust to head out there and bring it back to me. That means you. We need to straighten this situation out, post-haste.

And remember, not a peep about this to anyone.

The agent sends you to pick up investigation dossier. Four jumps in total. The reward "Preaux's Letter" is require in Ystvia Lamuette's mission.