Ramakell Tikrest

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Ramakell Tikrest is a level 3 mission agent in Minmatar COSMOS located at Culture Recess in Uriok.

WARNING: As of 2022, a bug has been discovered in which items required for missions are not dropping at a low rate or are unlikely to drop. Until further notice, we recommend that you refrain from performing the mission!

Utopian Signs - Radio Sociology (1 of 3)

Type Encounter
Objective Retrieve 1x Portable Power Generator
Rewards 3 run storyline BPC

Utopian Signs - Antenna In the Sky (2 of 3)

Type Courier
Objective Deliver 200m3
Rewards Isk

Utopian Signs - Navy Issue Amplifier (3 of 3)

Type Encounter
Objective Retrieve 1x Navy Issue Amplifier
Rewards 3 run storyline BPC, Minmatar faction standing

The item is found in Contested Minmatar Army Complex.