Relay events

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  • Assembled players are divided into two teams.
  • Each team is provided with an assortment of modules and T1 industrial hulls, and has fifteen minutes to collectively build a hauler of their choice.
  • After the fifteen minutes have passed, the host gives each team a bundle of bookmarks. The bookmarks need to be transferred to the industrial's cargohold for now.
  • After each team has decided on an order for the relay, the first pilots board their respective hauler fits and everybody undocks. Everybody who isn't flying a hauler needs to be in their pod.
  • The first hauler pilot drags the bookmark labelled '1' into their private folder and warps to the coordinates.
  • When they reach their destination, they tell the second hauler where to find them and waits for them to arrive on-grid.
  • The first hauler then ejects themselves from their ship, and the second hauler boards it.
  • The second hauler warps to the bookmark labelled '2' after they've dragged it into their private folder.
  • This continues with the third, then the fourth hauler (or however many depending on team numbers).
  • Whichever team completes its relay and reaches the final bookmark first wins.