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The universe is vast, beautiful, and deadly. Pilots flying through New Eden may from time to time take a screen capture of something that catches their eye, whether it be a brand new ship or SKIN, your ship in an interstellar fleet, a never-before-seen Keepstar, a unique shipwreck floating in space, or a beautiful planet on fire.

To temporarily turn off the user interface, press [Ctrl-F9].


Press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. Default save location:

If using steam, you can also take a screenshot by pressing "F12" on your keyboard.
Screenshots will be visible in Steam by navigating to:
View -> Screenshots -> EVE Online


Full screen: Press Command button + SHIFT + 3. There will be a crosshair, and you can now select the area you want a screenshot of.

Windowed mode: Press Command button + SHIFT + 4. Use the crosshair to click and select the area you want a screenshot of.

The files will be saved on your Desktop.

Mac OS application "Grab" can be used for further refinement to screen shots. It is in the Utilities folder under Applications.


Press "Print Screen" on your keyboard.

Default save location:

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