Shafra Gulias

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Shafra Gulias
Shafra Gulias.jpg
Type Data center
Level 1
Location Ferira (0.6)
Beacon Imperial Data Center
Affiliation Khanid Works
Khanid Kingdom

Shafra Gulias is a level 1 Khanid Works (Khanid Kingdom) data center agent located at Imperial Data Center in Ferira.

The Graduation Certificate

Type Courier
Objective Retrieve 1 x Amarr Graduation Certificate (0.1m³)
Rewards Amarr Graduation Certificate (signed) and faction standing
Mission briefing
The colleague that I mentioned, Arizam Gimit, requires your graduation certificate before he'll offer you work. I suppose you've left it behind at your hangar somewhere? If not I can easily have a copy of it made on Andrub VI - Ministry of War Bureau Offices. Just pick it up there and bring it to me. Once I've signed it then you're all set to speak with Arizam.

This is the starting mission for Quelling The Insurgency mission chain. This mission can be requested from three agents (Hefaka Chubid, Sevan Fagided, and Shafra Gulias) and thus can be completed three times. The ISK value of the reward is low, but it also awards faction standing. Note that the faction standing awarded is for Khanid Kingdom, which has little impact on your standing with Amarr Empire.

The mission is simple: fetch one unsigned certificate from a nearby station and the agent will sign it for you. The signed certificate is needed to get the next mission from Arizam Gimit.