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There are some one-time preparations that should be preformed before you fleet up, specifically bookmarks and scouting. Visit the surrounding systems and in each belt create your bookmarks, you may need 2 or 3 bookmarks for each belt to ensure that you have complete coverage. When placing your bookmarks take in to account drone travel time and max range of lasers, or boosts. Some belts will have a few rocks that are out of the main area, you will want to bookmark a spot there as well. I would recommend doing your bookmarking in a Frigate that is equipped to deal with rats and has a survey scanner. You may want to take notes on the general composition of the belt.

This list consists of four sections: Pre-Fleet, Formation, Operations, and After Action. Do not be afraid to cancel the op at the Formation phase, if you don’t have what you need. Make sure that someone has some drones for rats, light scout drones work just fine.

Fleet Commanders Checklist


☐ Determine how long the operation will run

☐ Quickly scout the systems.

☐ Create your fleet

☐ Add 2 more squads

☐ Label the Squads, Mining 1, Mining 2 and Haulers

☐ Enable free move

☐ Open your tracking spreadsheet - See below

☐ Create your fleet advert - do this how you like, here is how I do it.

Fleet name: Fermi’s Shared Can Fleet in Urnhard
Description: This is a shared can fleet proceeds will be distributed to all fleet members based on the length they participated in the operation. 
Distribution of funds will happen within 24 hours of the completion of the fleet. Hauling will be provided.


☐ Put your advert up

☐ Make your request for haulers (if needed) Do not deploy the fleet until you have hauling covered. Most fleets will want a minimum of 25,000m3 of hauling available full time.

☐ Add fleetmates to your tracking spreadsheet.

☐ Set your boosters - See below


☐ Warp to your first belt

☐ Deploy combat drones and remove any rats

☐ Announce in fleet that you are ready to start the operation

☐ Have everyone warp to you

☐ Announce that people must let you know lasers on and off

☐ Watch for lasers on time, and record on your tracking sheet.

☐ Mine, Haul, Mine, Haul, and repeat as necessary.

☐ Announce the fleet end, give time to finish cycles

☐ Remind everyone to get their drones.

☐ Record lasers off times, they maybe the same for everyone.


☐ Get all the ore to a location and to a person who can do perfect refining

☐ Find the best price for the materials

☐ Transport materials to sale location(s)

☐ Record isk earned in the tracking sheet

☐ Disburse money based on your tracking sheet.


Tracking sheets

There are several different tracking sheets, use the sheet that works best for you. You basically need the following:

   Start Time
   End Time
   Total ISK made from sales
   A way to calculate isk based on time


You can only have 10 people in a squad, it is important to move haulers in to their own squad as the boost doesn’t apply to them. If you need more than one squad move your booster to Wing Commander, and move squad commanders in place. Squad commanders will need Leadership skills to pass through the boost, ideally Leadership V