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Small gang tournaments are team-based events that involved small groups of unistas (usually in the same timezone or the same campus) competing to win in several group PvP-related categories. Most of the information on this page is from assorted event posts in the Corporation Events forum.


  • Participants can sign up by posting to the main event thread with some information about themselves:
  • The player's primary timezone/usual playing times
  • The player's experience with group and/or solo PvP
  • Some notes about what kinds of ships they like flying, which roles they like filling, where they like to fly, etc.
  • For the group-forming part, the event host can choose to form the groups themselves, or let players form their own groups based on location/time zones.


  • Competition rules:
  • Most uni events typically follow the uni's standard rules of engagement, so this one will as well.
  • Team numbers can be around 6 to 8 players each.
  • Each team creates a post of its own on the AAR forums titled [Small Gang Competition] <team name>, and updates the thread with AARs after each roam.
  • The team's AAR should contain:
  • A list of all team members.
  • Links to all killmails and losses on
  • Total kill and loss counts.
  • The total ISK value of all kills and losses.
  • The most expensive team kill.
  • The most expensive team loss.
  • For a killmail to be eligible for the competition:
  • It must include at least two team members on the killmail (to maintain the team nature of this activity)
  • Cumulatively, team members must account for more than 50% of the damage applied not counting NPC damage
  • No noobships, pods or shuttles
  • No friendly fire
  • Killmails that have other Ivy League members on them that are not in your team do not qualify (this is to encourage people to go out independently, rather than just join big fleets).

Prize categories

These are only suggestions, feel free to modify the categories as you see fit.

  • Most kills
  • Most expensive kill
  • Most ISK killed
  • Most ISK lost
  • Most expensive loss
  • Most lossmails
  • Best AAR
  • Most successful fight while outnumbered and/or outshipped
  • Most surprising kill