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Sept 22, 2010 - Dooobles

Dooobles did an almost complete rewrite of this wiki page, I cleaned it up significantly and corrected all triggers and ship types (which were outdated) as of Sept 22, 2010. Please reference the original compared to this to ensure nothing important was left behind. I corrected ship numbers and types (all were outdated,) clarified the fact that shooting different types of towers will trigger different groups and what was in each group (effectively providing triggers and spawn numbers that were previously incorrectly listed,) and provided a confirmed blitz method. I tried to keep the original posters thoughts on the topic in terms of strategy and made sure to include his information on drops and the flavor texts. I think the site has changed significantly since the writing, all enemies had changed and the number of asteroids and cargo containers has changed since his version.

I listed all spawns in the initial site and first escalation in a wiki list format, clearing up the previous format which was all in a paragraph format. His thoughts on the triggers were close to how it worked but not quite. The paragraph format was very hard to read so I utilized the lists. It should be much clearer now.

I also corrected enemy types and numbers in the first escalation stage on Sept 22, 2010. I confirmed ideal damage type and added additional info from my commander drops in the original site and the first stage of the escalation. Also confirmed that mission space is not deadspace and added corrected trigger info and enemy types for all waves of the first escalation.

Currently (Sept 22) I have only done the first escalation stage. I have the second in my journal and will clarify the second stage and the subsequent ones if and when I get them. You can note the difference in format between stages, hopefully I will get all stages and the format will be consistent and updated.

Sept 23, 2010 - Dooobles

Removed "File" tag from images, used the appropriate image tag, reduced width to 800 pixels so the images would fit on most screens with no problems. Previously images were wider than most non-HD resolutions.

Updated spawns, triggers, and ship counts of the spawn waves.  Added commander drop note.  I did not get the next escalation so my updates end at Stage 2 of Big blue escalation chain.

NOTE: All images are from the initial author, hopefully this will give him some credit for originally establishing the page. It's unfortunate so much has changed that it required a complete rewrite.