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To do :

  • Better TOC (WIP : need to edit CSS to allow for {{TOC limit}} )
  • reformat sites into tables (e.g. similarly to site specific pages)
  • ultimately birth a new template replacing {{Whrats}} here for a lighter version or figure out a way to toggle-hide superfluous columns

Ideas :

  • What columns to hide ?
    • Merging both weapon systems into 1 column for volley and one for DPS.
    • Orbit speed, burning speed, attack distance, whatever. No use while running.
    • Keep orbit distance, useful reminder when in fleet to keep the rat from going away from the close range ship, screwing the rest of the fleet's engagement range
  • Add wave total dps
  • Add site max dps
  • Change the "Site Running Notes". These need to be open by default and integrated in the header of the table somehow.
  • Allow hiding of some columns ? Probably only doable on a per-table basis, i.e. per site. Also allow hiding of wave details ? <-maybe too little information then ? Template changes should probably be made in the {{Npcwh}}
  • Allow collapsing a whole class ?