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The details of the training plan needs reworking. Also, I was thinking about an intro plan with ships and fittings from rookie ship to nicely fitted Hulk for asteroids then ice, som I'm gonna make an alt for that. --Draia aurar 16:23, 25 December 2010 (UTC)

I've changed training times and regiments to account for the removal of learning skills, but the training bonus has also gone away and EveMon is not yet up to speed, so the quoted times are now too fast. An Incursion compliant EveMon version is in beta I believe, so we're close. --Draia aurar 12:34, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

suggestions for additional skills

I created a plan for 2x alts recently before I discovered this page. Some of the useful skills I noticed I needed after the fact was targeting because when I first put these guys into their covetors for the first time it was not real useful to have 3x strip miners but only able to target 2 rocks. I decided it would be best to have them to be able to target 5 or 6 rocks at a time so I could have some pre-targeted.

A second skill that might be good to add to this page is scout drones. Having the ability to put up at least two hobgoblins to deal with the rats in 0.8 systems and below is a necessity when in belts.

The last gotcha I found was that in order to fit 3x strips, 2x mining laser upgrade II and a survey scanner II I found that cpu management IV was required for fitting all of this at the same time. I believe this was the only fitting shortcoming I encountered when putting mining barges out. I have not yet taken my alts into exhumers but when I get there I will find out if there is any fitting skills needed to fit those ships out.

Hopefully these things I learned will be useful information to add to the page