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I would like to add some info to this page but do not have rights. username Yakubu Gowon

I have an update for system J012794, This is a Class 3 Shattered system, 3 Static exits, 2x K346 Null sec and a U210 Low sec. It also has an Epicenter. Thanks.

J010000 does have an epicenter.


I'd also like to add info but have no editing permissions. I lived in J013123 for about 2 weeks, it has B274, A239 and D382 statics. Natsuko Kanami

Project Reassembly/List of Shattered Systems J001670

Updated Shattered Wormhole system:

J001670 C3 Pulsar

Connections: V301 - C1 Static U210 - Lowsec Static K346 - Nullsec Static

Has Epicenter

Date scanned July 10th, 2016.