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Mistake in preset for Wormholes subsection

In the subsection to make a preset for the Wormhole tab in the second to last step it the article says to open the structure folder to check control tower, but there is no structure folder and the control tower is in starbase. I changed it in the article.

Mac-Only Keys?

Under the "Using All Brackets" section, what is "Option + Z", is that a Mac key, or a non-QWERTY key, or something? Just curious as to what we need to update this to to make it have the right info for all. Physicon ionavor 03:31, 6 May 2011 (UTC)

No "Standard" preset?

Under "Setting up a Missions preset" it says "For setting up a missioning preset, you can load the Standard preset, then run some missions." however I don't know what is meant by "Standard" preset, I have no such thing listed when I click on the 4-line box. I do have a "Default" menu under which some default presets are listed but it seems that isn't meant by it either, the "All" preset has everything checked while the guide tells you to check a number of specific things for example.

This is actually something that changed in EVE recently, more default presets were added. I've updated the page to match the new presets available, so thanks for spotting this :) Nyctef 11:52, 7 July 2011 (UTC)

Tags line in setting up columns section

The line: TAG in the columns list had this note in brackets - (Keep this unchecked unless you need it for special circumstances)

Every veteran Uni member I have encountered and Uni Fleet I have been in has expected the TAG column to be present on the standard overview. Seems more appropriate to have it checked at all times and remove only in special circumstances. Removed the note.

Omit Sun from Pod Saver?

It's been reported by some in-corp PvPers that warping to the sun is a bad idea since often the enemy will have it lightly camped due to its easy choice as a warp target. Perhaps Pod Saver should omit this?

Maximillian enderas (talk) 17:29, 28 November 2012 (UTC)

Consider adding a POS Finder Preset

With the new camera tracking ability when using D-scan, having moons on your overview while scanning for POSes from a planet makes for much faster scanning Would look like the following

This tab is useful in quickly locating Moons containing POSes

  1. Click the 4-lined box and select Load 6 - Wormhole .
  2. Open the Celestial folder, and check Moon.
  3. Save the settings as 6a - POS finder.

Usage instructions

  1. Use Wormhole preset to locate planets with active towers
  2. Warp to planet and switch to POS finder preset, sort overview by distance,
  3. check tracking box in D-scan window, set 5° scan
  4. Highlight each moon of the current planet in the overview, press scan

--Murbella idaho (talk) 21:41, 16 December 2012 (UTC)

Drone Bay window

Under... Organizing your screen layout #4

It mentions putting your Drone Bay window below the Overview.. ...aaaannnd where is said Drone Bay window??