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I've run the site a lot but never pay to much attention to the details. That's why I don't enter the following comments into the article itself.

Tiggers and waves for the first pocket are off. You never have 7 figates. Initially there are 2 frigates and at some later point 3 more spawn. Another cruiser spawn is missing. The 3 frigates and the missing 3 crusier spawn are not triggered together like it looks there.

Second pocket misses a 3 destroyer spawn nearly at the end of the pocket. For me it's usually the last ship I kill but I've seen it spawn with a few other ships still there.

Third pocket has more sentries. One group (with 4) in the middle and two groups (with 2 and 4) on the sites. Erwin madelung (talk) 00:48, 17 July 2018 (CDT)

Yeah, I saw the destroyer spawn in the second room, but didn't add it in because I wasn't paying attention. Next time I will be.
Haven't run the site much, so didn't know if it the neutralizers in the third room never spawned, or if it was just uncommon. Ramong pares