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Have done the necessary changes for the new reaction mechanics. Didn't bother to change the flowchart image which now contains some obsolete elements (the Silos from the old reaction mechanics), but I think this is a minor inconvenience. IMHO the page can be removed from the needs edits category now.


2018/12/01 Completely rewrote the page. The structure is the same but there were so many changes... There are still a couple minor issues:

  • The Core Subsystem Technology is not recognized by the wiki. If I add a link to this skill it is flagged as obsolete. It is not.
  • In the final thoughts, I could find no source for the statement "Most of the T3 production activity in EVE used to be carried out by wormhole-based corporations at their own structures in w-space, although a fair amount is now done by sov null based corporations." The monthly economic reports don't provide any statistics at all on WH space. I could not find any production value for WH space, and the amount of Tech 3 manufacturing done in WH, null sec and low sec is unknown. Some Athanor and Tatara in null and low sec run a Standup Hybrid Reactor I, so presumably they are producing Tech 3 stuff. How much? I don't know.

I removed the "Need edit" tag.

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