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Example text
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This template creates a colored text box.

{{Color box | color= | border= | text= | width= | content }}


All the parameters are optional.

This sets the background color of the text box. You can use either color names (e.g. blue, green), or the color's RGB values as a hexadecimal number (which must be preceded by a hash character, e.g. #222222 for light gray, or #990099 for purple). If omitted, the background color will be black.
This sets the color of the border (color formatting as above). If omitted, the border will be light gray.
This sets the color of the text (color formatting as above). If omitted, the text will be white.
This sets the width of the text box. It's recommended to set this as a percentage (of the paragraph width), so 50% will produce a text box half as wide as the surrounding paragraph. If omitted, the text box will be as wide as the surrounding paragraph (100%).
The contents of the text box. This can be as long or short as necessary, and wiki formatting (such as bold text or links) works just fine.

Usage notes

The background color should be darker than the border. Depending on how light the background color is, either white or black text is easier to read. Given that the default skin for the UniWiki has light text on a dark background, a text box with a light background will stand out much more than one with a darker background (but will also make a page look more cluttered, especially if it is used repeatedly).

Related templates

This template is used in a number of more specific templates, such as {{Deprecated}}, {{Merge}}, or {{Example}}.


{{Color box|A very basic text box}}:

A very basic text box

{{Color box|color=#144f1d|border=#2f8f2f|A more colorful box!}}:

A more colorful box!

{{Color box|color=#110033|border=#6600bb|width=50%|A smaller, purple box}}:

A smaller, purple box

{{Color box|color=#66FFFF|border=#6600FF|text=#000000|A light blue box with dark text}}:

A light blue box with dark text
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