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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This template is used to create the loot table for combat site pages. This table should include total bounties and all notable possible drops from the site. It takes CSS for formatting from {{CMBSite}} so either include it or the CSS blurb from it to get slightly different looking table.

This template allows up to 9 notable drops to be listed. Unused rows can be left out without breaking the template. If a site has more notable drops than this template allows you can edit the template to allow more rows without breaking existing uses.

Sample output

{{Loot table
| TotalBountyValue = 12 mil
| NotableLoot1 = 9th Tier Overseer's Personal Effect (2.1M isk)
| Note1 = 100% drop rate
| NotableLoot2= 11th Tier Overseer's Personal Effect (6.3M isk)
| Note2 = 100% drop rate
| NotableLoot3= Shadow Serpentis Modules
| Note3 = From commander frigate
| NotableLoot4= Coreli A-Type modules
| Note4 = From Supply Stronghold
| NotableLoot5=
| Note5 =
| NotableLoot6=
| Note6 =
| NotableLoot7=
| Note7 =
| NotableLoot8=
| Note8 =
| NotableLoot9=
| Note9 =

Item Name Note
Total bounty 12 mil
9th Tier Overseer's Personal Effect (2.1M isk) 100% drop rate
11th Tier Overseer's Personal Effect (6.3M isk) 100% drop rate
Shadow Serpentis Modules From commander frigate
Coreli A-Type modules From Supply Stronghold

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