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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


Syntax (overview)

Single section

This template, {{section link}}, is used to generate a link to a certain section of a local wiki page and render an appropriate section mark (§).

Instead of:

[[Missioning 101#Class Contents]]

Missioning 101#Class Contents

...you can write:

{{section link|Missioning 101|Class Contents}}

Missioning 101 § Class Contents

Suppressing page name

Sometimes the page name needs not to appear, e.g. to avoid redundancy and wordiness. For the page on which the template is used, not specifying a page name creates a section link only. The following:

{{Section link||Suppressing page name}}

...is the equivalent of:

[[#Suppressing page name|§ Suppressing page name]]

...and renders as:

§ Suppressing page name
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