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New Ivy Logo.png Ivy League vs. {{{war_corporation}}}
Wars.pngStart Date: {{{war_year}}}.{{{war_month}}}.{{{war_day}}} Forward.png Run Time: {{{war_duration}}}
Icon timer limited engagement.pngKills: {{{war_kills}}} - ({{{war_dmg_done}}}) Icon timer criminal.pngLosses: {{{war_losses}}} - ({{{war_dmg_rec}}}) Calculator.pngEfficiency: {{{war_efficiency}}}
Achievements.pngTop Scorer(s): {{{war_top}}} Certificates.pngHigh Scorer(s): {{{war_nine}}}
Notepad.pngNotes: {{{war_notes}}}

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template generates a short description with statistics of a completed war.
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