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Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel

Book: Book ONE: So You Want to be an Explorer?
Chapter: Chapter Two
Previous Quest: Trust Me, I'm the Doctor
Next Quest: If He Bleeds, You Can Kill Him
Your Target: Find the Heartbreak Hotel and capture one of the employees for interrogation.
Reward: none
Your Mission
Incoming Transmission

It seems like Abraham Grunt has not been very successful during the last days.

"The agent you pinpointed for me, Mourmarie Mone? Remember her? She's been pretty sure that the people behind the destruction of the Damsel and the Professor's disappearance are somehow connected to the Society of Conscious Thought. Heard of them before?"

You shake your head.

"The Society of Conscious Thought is a splinter group of what's left of Jove's government.", Grunt explains patiently. "Not THE Jovian government, but the REAL one, the shadow government which pulled the strings behind the curtains. Their influence was broken several years ago, and since then their existence got shrouded by security. All we know is that they are not the peaceful spiritual scientists they once were, when their main focus besides politics has been the hunt for the meaning of life. No, the Society of today resembles more a clique of militant religious freaks. At least that's what we heard. And it seems like they established a close relationship with the Blood Raiders. Fanatics, both of them."

And how are they connected?

"Starhopper, boost your brain a little, will ya?", Grunt laughs at me. "I told you that the Blood Raiders need a constant supply of bodies for their blood farms. It seems like mass kidnappings are not... discrete enough. A more hidden source would be better, right? Some place where those people who go missing are not expected to be, right?"

Now Grunt shows me a wolfish grin. He could grin in a circle if he had no ears, you think.

"And that's where the Society comes into play. You know all those expensive brothels in those semi-official space stations out there, right? The pleasure hubs? It seems like the Society offers some special services in an old Megathron Battleship which they turned into a moving whorehouse. It's called the Heartbreak and some say it escapes CONCORD easily because of some additional cloaking capabilities."

Grunt starts humming a song in a scratchy voice.

"Well, since my baby left me
Well, I found a new place to dwell
Well, it's down at the end of Lonely Street
At Heartbreak Hotel."

He opens a can of Quafe Zero. "And it seems like the current location of that Megathron is always kept a secret. Potential customers are taken there by a shuttle service, the Megathron jumps in, decloak, enter, cloak, and whoooooooosh away he is.", he says, making gestures with his free left hand which symbolize an accelerating spaceship. "And gone are the customers, right into the arms of the Blood Raiders. Not all of them, but some. Here's to you, Starhopper!"

He cheers into my direction with his Quafe can.

"The Gallente Espionage suspects that Professor Morghulis got taken to the Heartbreak Hotel by his kidnappers.", Grunt concludes his explanations. "But it seems like the Society of Conscious Thought has different plans with him than the Blood Raiders. One of the Society's leaders, an ex fighter pilot named Dagan, wants to tap into his brain for extracting his knowledge, or something similar to this. Don't ask me, those sinister guys always have the craziest ideas. But Bloody Omir doesn't seem to be very happy about this, since Morghulis is of a high symbolic value to Amarr and this kind of publicity could expose their secret source of blood bags, as they call their victims."

And you want me to find this brothel, right?

Abraham Grunt nods. "Yes. I want you to find the Heartbreak before Bloody Omir does. Try to find someone who works there, one of the hookers maybe, and deliver this person to Sister Alitura. The Sisters of EVE will take care of it then. And don't forget to bring me some juicy details of the Heartbreak, photos will be appreciated!

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