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If He Bleeds, You Can Kill Him

If He Bleeds, You Can Kill Him

Book: Book ONE: So You Want to be an Explorer?
Chapter: Chapter Two
Previous Quest: Heartbreak Hotel
Next Quest: The High Security Campus
Your Target: Capture the leader of the Society of Conscious Thought and bring good intel of his spaceship.
Reward: 12'000'000 ISK
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Your Mission
Incoming Transmission

"We know who he is!", Abraham Grunts shouts and dances happily in front of his telecom. "His name is Dagan, and he's the guy who ordered the kidnapping of Professor Morghulis!"

So, did you already catch this guy?

Grunt shakes his head. "No, not yet. To be honest, I think this will be a job for you. But first, let me tell you what all this is about."

Okay, I'm listening.

"Remember the strange datacore you retrieved from the wreck of the Damsel some time ago? The Sisters of EVE found digitized copies of the professor's notes stored in there, and it seems like those notes were what Dagan was really searching for. do you remember how I told you that the Society of Conscious Thought investigates the deeper meaning of life, the universe and everything else? I am pretty sure that they believe our Professor has found a source of eternal life during his travels."

Eternal life? Grunt, are you going crazy now, too?

He shakes his head. "No, don't worry. I don't believe in this crap. But the Professor has been out there for decades and I think we can't even imagine what he has seen during this time. Dagan and the Blood Raiders want this information, and they want it badly enough to attack Morghulis' convoy despite the presence of two dreadnoughts. Can you imagine the risk they took? Here's an image of Dagan, their military leader and mastermind behind the kidnapping of the Professor."

He whips out a photograph of a grim looking man, wokring on something in the midst of what looks like a Blood Raider laboratory.


Grunt chuckles. "And what did they get? Nothing. The Gallente intercepted some Blood Raider transmissions and it seems like Professor Morghulis managed to escape from the Society's main station hub, exposing Dagan to the wrath of Bloody Omir, Amarr, the sisters of EVE and every other living soul in New Eden. And of course, they did not expect Morghulis' datacore to land in the hands of sister Alitura and her gang of wily nuns."

He takes a short pause, nips on a can of Quake Zero, and then continues with a serious voice.

"Sister Alitura needs Dagan, dead or alive. His corpse should be enough. The Sisters currently try to track him down and will share any necessary information with you, and a successful attempt on Dagan's ship and his delivery to Alitura's base will raise your standing with them significantly. This mission has also the attention of the Gallente and Amarr, so do your best to impress them."

Okay, sounds good so far. But that's not all, right?

"Of course, I want something for myself, too. I want you to deliver me some intel before you blow Dagan into pieces. He's rumoured to fly a special ship, a Compact of the Society of Conscious Thought. Bring me a good photo of his vessel, and make sure that his station is visible on the image, too. After that, you can do with him what you want. Good luck!"

You raise your hand to press the button which terminates the transmission, as you hear Grunt shouting: "Wait! Wait, not so fast!"

You stop your hand in the middle of the motion and turn your face back to the terminal's camera.

What else, Grunt?

"You should be aware that this mission might send some shockwaves through the Blood Raiders and their associates. Which means we need to lay low for a while. I don't care what you do afterwards, but I certainly won't be available for some happy chatting during the next months. In other words: Don't try to contact me. Sister Alitura will handle everything for me. If you want to collect your reward, you should send an EVE-Mail to the Explorers.E-UNI mailing list and explain who you are, that I sent you, and also deliver my intel photo there. As the rest, it will be handled and the bounty of 12 million ISKies will get transferred to your account then. Fly safe."

Grunt instantly terminates the connection.

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Sol arisa keʹaide (talk) 08:20, 19 September 2015 (CDT)
Enter your comments and screenshots below... you should haven gotten the idea of how to do it until now :-D

Zebulon tucker (talk) 05:14, 27 March 2016 (CDT)
Keep your eyes peeled for WTs around Hek & Dodixie & Rens for this portion of the Arc. Mission accomplished! My Algos couldn't take Dagan first time I ran the SoE arc, but I kept all of my shields this time, lovely what a bit of training can do :) Zebulon Tucker

Caitlyn semah (talk) 19:22, 11 May 2016 (CDT)
Not so bad. No spoilers, but he almost got me.
Cait dagan.jpg