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Trivia events can be run alongside lesser attention-demanding events like mining shared cans, or as standalone events.

Before the event

  • Collect a list of Eve-related trivia. You can follow a theme if you want: lore-related, faction-related, ships-related, etc.
  • Decide on a point system if you're planning on awarding prizes.
  • If there are enough participants, you can split them into teams. Set things up for a team event beforehand (Mumble comms, a different point system, prizes).


  • For Mumble: if there are teams, it's a good idea to use one of the fleets channels so that each team can use the subchannels for private comms. If not, make an on-demand Mumble channel that you can customise.
  • For chat: the Events (EVE Uni) is open to use for events like this. Teams can also use group chats to talk amongst team members.

During the event

  • Set up teams if you're planning on organising the event that way. Ensure that each team has their communications set up.
  • Teams should also decide on an order in which to take questions: like Pilot A goes first, Pilot B goes second and so on.
  • Before you ask each question, ensure that the player is not AFK and can respond. You can do this by asking them to verbally confirm their presence on Mumble, or x-up in chat.
  • You can use a buzzer system if there are teams: the first player to x-up in fleet chat after a question has been asked gets to answer it.