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Reminders of Procedures


The current belt is the bold belt under your squad in the spreadsheet. If there is an arrow, follow it until you reach a belt.

Announce LASERS ON HH:MM and LASERS OFF HH:MM when you are starting and stopping mining. There is no need to LASERS OFF when changing rocks or belts.

Name your can FLEET HH:MM when you jettison it. When it's full, rename it to FULL HH:MM, keeping the same time so we know when it expires. If you have to leave it, rename to PULL HH:MM, again keeping the same time.

It is important that you ensure that you do not laser on anyone else's rock, as then you will not receive notifications about the rock being empty. Alt-click the rock and ensure your laser is on before going to the next, as there is a small delay before the laser turns on.

Mining with ships other than Covetors and Hulks is highly discouraged due to the extreme loss in yield. For example, a Procurer at Mining Barges V mines less than half as much ore per unit time as a Covetor.

There should be crystals of both T1 and T2 available in the Orca. If there are none of the type you are looking for, please notify the fleet commander.

Ore types

Currently, out of the types in our region, Veldspar is worth much less than other types of ore. For that reason, I ask that miners in my shared cans avoid mining the regular type of Veldspar. Concentrated and Dense Veldspar are OK. If all the rocks are lasered and you have 2/3 lasers on, it is fine to mine Veldspar. Just don't worry about finishing the belt if there is only regular Veldspar left.

If there are no rocks unlasered, go to the next belt. If there is no belt listed, please ask the FC; do not pick one randomly.

If you are the last person to leave the belt, please announce that the belt is empty in fleet chat.


Announce HAULING ON HH:MM and HAULING OFF HH:MM when you are starting and stopping hauling. There is no need to HAULING OFF when waiting for the miners to finish a belt or moving between belts.

Haul all ore to the first station in system unless otherwise instructed by the fleet commander.


If you are leaving temporarily but staying in system, please move yourself to the "Dockd/Gone" squad in "No Boosts" after announcing your departure by * OFF.

If someone is Xing up in AMC Ops and the FC appears to be AFK, simply drop to an open squad and invite them yourself.

It is highly recommended that you are in Mumble. If you are not in Mumble and a WT shows up, you will almost certainly wind up losing your ship and your pod.

Special Features

The ISK count on the spreadsheet is updated at the end of every belt, so if you want to know how much you have earned so far, simply look in Payout (ISK) under your name.

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